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    We advise, assist and represent our clients, both French and international, in every aspect of corporate law.

    We are also regularly involved in M&A and private equity operations, but also in insolvency proceedings.


    We advise our clients on all issues and operations relating to business start-up and development:

    • Business start-up and legal follow-up
    • Overseas firms setting up in France
    • Legal and paralegal assistance to existing companies (Shareholders’ Meetings, Board of Directors meetings, etc.)
    • Business acquisition/sale/lease
    • Drawing up key initial contracts (leases, contracts of employment)
    • Disposal of shares or equities
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Partial contribution of assets
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Company dissolution and liquidation
    • Advice and assistance on matters relating to the operation of companies
    • Corporate law disputes
    • Arbitration

    We also advise clients on all litigation involving:

    • Directors’liability
    • Management expertise
    • Protection of minority shareholders
    • Litigation between associates


    We provide assistance in drawing up legal and judicial strategies relating to capital financing operations. Our crosscutting expertise in other legal fields, such as social law, real estate law and intellectual property law, gives us a comprehensive grasp of the multiple issues at stake in such operations.

    CABINET MENASCE CHICHE has played a part in numerous M&A operations. The bulk of our M&A activity focuses on intermediate-sized operations involving SMEs and/or individuals.

    We provide assistance to our clients throughout the acquisition operation, from acquisition strategy to due diligence, negotiation, financial and social audits, final signature and post-signature follow-up.

    Through our M&A activity, we are involved in:

    • disposals/acquisitions
    • restructurings
    • private equity
    • joint ventures
    • LBOs
    • buyout of struggling companies


    We also assist our clients in:

    • numerous fundraising operations (LBO/ private equity)
    • disputes arising from such operations (implementation of asset/liability warranties, breach of non-compete clauses).

    Our team has experience of all forms of fundraising and subsequent follow-up.


    • reparation of a business plan
    • Audit of requirements with the company CEO (debt, intermediate financing, etc.)
    • Negotiation of a fundraising mandate (seeking funding)
    • Confidentiality agreement and prospectus (securing the transmission of information to funds)
    • Indicative offer (data room: preparation of information supplied to third parties) and final offer
    • Involvement in negotiations
    • Drawing up the memorandum of agreement
    • Drawing up the shareholder or statutory clauses agreement or preference shares agreement


    • Bridging loans and additional financing
    • Management of crisis situations and associated risks
    • Adjustment and correction of the company valuation (ratchet or contractual agreements


    CABINET MENASCE CHICHE assists and represents its clients in insolvency proceedings.


    • Analysis of the company’s position and difficulties
    • Prevention: amicable and confidential proceedings (ad hoc mandate, conciliation)
    • Insolvency proceedings (filing for protection, receivership, liquidation): initiation and follow-up of proceedings
    • Relations with creditor representatives, Commercial Courts, authorities (CIRI, CCSF)
    • Negotiation and drawing up of conciliation protocols
    • Business continuity or recovery plans
    • Assistance to company creditors in difficulty (drawing up the statement of claims, appointment of creditor assignees, follow-up of proceedings)
    • Assistance to directors in the event of prosecution.


    • Identification of targets
    • Analysis and audit of activities for sale
    • Negotiation and drawing up of bids
    • Follow-up of proceedings before the Commercial Court.
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