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  • Outsourcing of legal function

    Unlike large groups with their own legal department, many SMEs do not have the in-house legal resources needed to deal with the everyday legal issues they may encounter:

    • approval of a commercial proposal,
    • verification of a supplier contract,
    • management of outstanding receivables,
    • pre-litigation management of a customer or supplier dispute,
    • negotiation of a commercial lease,
    • execution of an employment contract,
    • early-stage management of disputes with employees,
    • dismissal procedures,
    • negotiated settlement agreements, etc.

    Senior managers are often reluctant to systematically delegate issues of this kind to a legal professional, either due to lack of time or for fear of excessive costs.

    Our firm is well aware of their constraints and offers SMEs a full outsourced legal service to meet their needs and provide them with the best possible conditions for growth.

    In return for a fixed monthly payment, jointly determined by the parties in advance and based on the estimated monthly volume of hours required to meet the client’s identified needs, we provide a dedicated contact person to answer their questions and offer pragmatic, effective solutions to any difficulties they may encounter.

    At the end of an agreed period, the arrangement is reviewed and any necessary adjustments made to the fixed payment in the light of the client’s actual use of the service.

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