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    The National Regulations for the Legal Profession stipulate that legal fees must be calculated primarily on the following criteria: time spent on the case, research work, complexity of the case, expenses incurred, the firm’s operating costs, the reputation and specialist knowledge of the attorney concerned, the scale of the interests at stake and the services rendered.

    In certain circumstances (in view of the outcome of the case, its complexity, the interests at stake), these fees may be supplemented by a success fee.

    In the matter of fees, the firm’s policy is based on transparency and full disclosure to our clients from the outset.

    We offer a number of different fee structures according to the case and the interests at stake, since our aim is to build a longstanding relationship with our clients that goes far beyond the concept of fees alone:

    • time spent, on the basis of an hourly rate determined by the level of experience and specialisation of the attorneys involved,
    • subscription (credit balance of hours, or monthly subscription),
    • flat case fee,
    • flat case fee plus success fee (billing on a no win/no fee basis is prohibited under French law).

    In accordance with our professional code of ethics, our fees are based on time spent, unless a fixed fee is explicitly agreed, without prejudice to a success fee in either case.

    Details of time spent and work carried out are systematically included in our statements of fees billed on a time-spent basis.

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