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    The firm’s attorneys are supported by a team of first-class assistants whose years of experience with the firm have equipped them with invaluable knowledge of company law and judicial procedures.

    All are skilled in the use of the various IT resources available.

    They work closely with our attorneys on a day to day basis, and are subject to the same rules of confidentiality.

    Nacéra IDBA
    Assistant, reception – client relation
    Languages: French, English, Arabic
    Email : nacera@menasce-chiche-avocat.com
    Jocelyne GANGAPAL
    Legal assistant
    Languages: French, English
    Email : jocelyne@menasce-chiche-avocat.com
    Véronique AZOULAY
    Legal assistant
    Languages:French, English
    Email : contact@menasce-chiche-avocat.com
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